My Published Story

In a sea in China, there lived four magical dragons, the Black dragon, as dark as deep space, yellow dragon as lighter then the sun/long dragon longer then  the ocean/pearl dragon as more   .The chinese farmers were crying  and decipornated  because their food were dried out. So the four dragon when to the magical clouds to see the emperor. When the dragons were at the Emperor’s mansion  the four dragon ask the emperor why haven’t you not made it rain for the farmer the farmer are starving.  After a week later it hasn’t rain for the farmer. So the dragons decided to make it rain how the four dragons  flied  to the ocean and got big mouth full of water. Then the four dragons flied to the clouds and releasing the water from their mouths that is how the four dragons made it rain. Then the farmer were so happy that they were dancing and crying. When the emperor saw it  raining.The emperor decided to banished. All four dragons were never seen again the dragons were trapped…

The four Dragons

Plot Matrix

Black dragon/yellow/long/peari/emperor/people

Where China Ocean Mountains Emperor’s castle What Problem Not raining people dying and very hungry Setback
Emperor has not let it rain

Setback The emperor saw what was happening the four  dragons got trapped in a mountain Helper Dragons helped themselves Dragons making it rain and helping the people Solution
Dragons turned into river

Ending The four dragons turned into rivers saving the Chinese people Learning

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